Help Adults with Disabilities Live Their Best Lives by Becoming an Adult Foster Care Provider

Family Options is now recruiting caring individuals and families to become adult foster care providers. Adult foster care providers provide a warm and loving home environment for adults with disabilities. This program offers adults with disabilities an opportunity to live in a less restrictive environment and is an alternative to institutional care, hospitals or group homes. It also gives the care provider an opportunity to earn extra income and work from home.

To become an adult foster care provider, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a spare bedroom with a full-size bed, dresser, and closet
  • Pass a federal and state background check
  • Be willing to commit to the growth and care of someone’s life

As an adult foster care provider, you will be responsible for providing the following services:

  • Assisting with daily living tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, and grooming
  • Providing transportation to appointments and activities
  • Managing medications
  • Providing emotional support
  • Promoting independence and self-care
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of the individual

If you are interested in becoming an adult foster care provider, please contact Family Options today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started on this rewarding career.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming an adult foster care provider:

  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Earn extra income
  • Work from home
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own hours
  • Provide a loving and supportive home environment
  • Help adults with disabilities live their best lives

If you are looking for a rewarding career that allows you to make a difference in someone’s life, then becoming an adult foster care provider may be the perfect opportunity for you. Contact Family Options today at 559-275-2323

Family Options: Providing Support to Adults with Disabilities

Family Options is an organization that provides support to adults with disabilities. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Adult Family Homes (FHA): This program offers adults with developmental disabilities a family home environment. Individuals have an opportunity to live in a less restrictive environment and is an alternative to institutional care, hospitals or group homes. Individuals will have their own bedroom within the family home.
  • Professional Services: We provide a variety of professional services to adults with disabilities, including:
    • Psychiatry
    • Counseling
    • Behavioral Management
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Speech Therapy
    • Nursing
    • Group Therapy
  • Respite Services: We offer respite services to adults with disabilities and their families. Respite services provide temporary relief to caregivers, so they can take a break or go on vacation.
  • Supportive Living Services (SLS): We provide supportive living services to adults with disabilities who live in their own apartments or homes. These services include:
    • 24/7 support from Direct Support Professionals
    • Assistance with daily living activities
    • Assistance with accessing community resources
  • Independent Living Program (ILP): We provide independent living services to adults with disabilities who live in their own apartments or homes. These services include:
    • Assistance with finding housing
    • Assistance with obtaining financial assistance
    • Assistance with accessing community resources

Family Options is committed to providing quality services to adults with disabilities. We believe that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life, regardless of their abilities. If you or someone you know is an adult with a disability, please contact

Family Options to learn more about our services.

Here are some additional information about Family Options:

  • We are located in Fresno, California.
  • We are committed to providing quality services.
  • We are passionate about helping adults with disabilities live happy and fulfilling lives.

If you or someone you know is an adult with a disability, please contact Family Options 559-275-2323 today. We are here to help.

Unlocking the Doors to Success: How Independent Living Programs Help People with Disabilities

For many adults with developmental and learning disabilities, transitioning to independent living can be a daunting task. However, it is possible to unlock the doors to success with the right support and guidance. If you or a loved one is preparing to transition to independent living, there are options for support and guidance to help make the transition as smooth and successful as possible. Learn how Family Options services can help you or your loved one transition to independent living.

What is an Independent Living Program?

An independent living program (ILP) provides assistance to adults with disabilities. This assistance includes providing access to resources, services, and support systems that enable them to live independently in their own homes and communities. Some of the services provided by an ILP may include assistance in obtaining housing, employment, and transportation.

It can also involve helping to manage personal finances and connecting to community resources, such as recreational activities. By providing these services and resources to adults with disabilities, ILPs help foster autonomy and empower individuals to take control of their own lives.

Benefits of an Independent Living Program

An Independent Living Program (ILP) has a variety of benefits that can help individuals living with a disability become self-sufficient. These include:

  • Education on financial literacy
  • Information about housing options
  • Vocational training
  • Job placement assistance
  • Nutrition education
  • Cooking classes
  • Support groups
  • Transportation assistance
  • Medical coverage
  • Legal advice

The resources available through an ILP can equip people to live independently while still having access to the support they need..

Finding the Right Program

When choosing an ILP for yourself or a loved one, it is important to find one tailored specifically to your needs and offers comprehensive services that meet your requirements. Family Options is a service that assists adults with learning and developmental disabilities in Central California. We provide programs to aid individuals in transitioning into independent living.

At Family Options, we provide customized care plans to suit each individual’s unique needs and wants. We accomplish this by conducting comprehensive assessments. of every person’s particular circumstances before creating a plan that is bespoke to them. Our team of professionals provides comprehensive case management services to support individuals on their journey toward independence.

These include:

  • Counseling
  • Educational programming
  • Life skills training

Independent living programs help people with disabilities become self-sufficient and access the necessary resources for success in society. Family Options provides tailored case management plans to help adults with developmental and learning disabilities transition into independent living environments. Our specialized programs provide the skills and resources needed to unlock a successful future.

Contact Family Options today if you or someone you love could benefit from our service in Central California! Complete our contact form or call at 559-275-2323.

Redefining Caregiving: An Introduction to Respite Services for Adults with Disabilities

Caring for a loved one with disabilities can be an enriching experience, but it can also be emotionally and physically draining. Respite services give caregivers a break from the daily caregiving routine, allowing them to take time for themselves while their loved one is cared for by trained professionals.

What Are Respite Services?

Respite care is a support service typically available to caregivers of people with disabilities who need a break from caring. It provides short-term, temporary care that allows the caregiver to take some time off without worrying about the well-being of their loved one. This type of care can be provided in the home or other settings, such as day programs or overnight stays in residential facilities.

The Benefits of Respite Services for Caregivers

Respite services provide caregivers with numerous benefits that can help improve their overall health and well-being. These include:

Improved Mental and Physical Health

Respite services give caregivers a break, which improves their mental and physical health. This can reduce stress levels, allowing them to relax and recharge, leading to better overall health in the long run.

Increased Energy Levels

Improving mental and physical health can provide caregivers with increased energy levels, which can help them be more productive and efficient when caring for their loved ones.

Time to Connect with Other Family Members

Respite services allow caregivers to spend uninterrupted time with other family members, allowing them to strengthen and nurture those relationships. This can be especially beneficial for larger families struggling to find quality time together.

Regular breaks from caregiving allow caregivers to rest and focus on their own needs, which is essential for keeping healthy long-term.

The Benefits of Respite Services for People with Disabilities

Respite services offer many benefits to those receiving care, such as:

New Experiences and Social Interactions

Respite services provide those receiving care with new experiences and social interactions outside their usual environment. This gives them a chance to try something different and makes meaningful connections with people in the community.

Opportunities for Learning New Skills

With respite services, those receiving care can be introduced to new skills that will build their confidence and curiosity. These can range from cooking classes, music lessons, or learning a new language – creating a wider range of interests they can engage in.

Making Friends and Engaging in Activities

Respite services allow individuals to make friends and stay active through engaging activities such as sports, theatre, art classes, or other recreational activities. These are excellent outlets for self-expression, creativity, and physical activity.

These can improve quality of life by providing people with disabilities with opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

How Family Options Can Help

Family Options provides adults with disabilities loving homes and ongoing support services through trained and skilled professionals. Proudly serving all of Central California, they offer respite services that allow family members to take much-needed breaks while ensuring that their loved ones are safe and well cared for during this time. To learn more about the respite services available, please contact Family Options today.

Caring For and Supporting Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Foster Care

Central California is home to many individuals with developmental disabilities. In 2015, over 12% of the population lived with a disability. Across the country, nearly 7.5 million individuals. live with an intellectual or developmental disability. Our community members deserve the same care, attention, and support as any other adult. However, because of their phfreeysical and mental limitations, many need extra support to help them reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Keep reading to learn more about adult foster care in California and how it can help individuals with developmental disabilities lead successful lives.

What is an In-Home Foster Care Provider?

They provide personal care services to individuals with developmental disabilities who don’t need to live in a hospital or group home situation. An in-home foster care provider manages this business from home and is an independent contractor, not an employee. The care provider should have access to reliable transportation, basic computer skills, and pass a background check before working with clients. At Family Options, our professional staff provides the training necessary to meet the needs of the developmentally disabled adult living in your home.

How Do Care Providers Help Clients?

Care providers service the individual needs of their clients by assisting them with everyday tasks, such as:

  • Meals
  • Medication
  • Money management
  • Recreational activities
  • Taking them to doctor appointments
  • Communicating any concerns to their doctors

Maintaining meticulous records of all engagements and operations related to the client is also essential. Family Options’ homes also offer additional support specific to the client’s needs, such as physical limitations or emotional support.

What Should I Consider Before Becoming a Care Provider?

If you are interested in becoming an in-home foster provider for adults with developmental disabilities in Central Valley California, there are specific considerations you should consider. These include:

  • Ensuring that your home meets safety requirements set by state regulations
  • Having adequate transportation available for doctor visits
  • Being aware of the legal responsibilities associated with caring for adults in a foster home setting
  • Maintaining proper documentation for each client interaction
  • Understanding the state agency’s process of making reimbursement payments regulates these services

Caring for adults with developmental disabilities living in family foster-based homes requires patience and dedication from both parties involved—the care provider and patience on behalf of both parties involved; these individuals can live happy lives supported by those who truly understand their unique needs.

If you are ready to become a care provider, please contact Family Options today! We would love to discuss how we can help support your efforts while providing quality care services to our clients here in California.