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Navigating the Process of Becoming an In-Home Adult Foster Care Provider

First, thank you! You’re here because you’re thinking about becoming an in-home adult foster care provider. You’re considering taking on a vital role that requires patience, empathy, and dedication. When you become an adult foster care provider in Central California, you will provide a safe and nurturing environment for adults with physical or developmental disabilities who can’t live independently. Although it’s a significant commitment to watch over an adult in need of some assistance, the rewards you’ll reap from your role will be invaluable.

The requirements to be an in-home adult foster care provider and how Family Options can help.

Age Requirements

You must be 21 years or older to become a foster care provider in California Additionally, you may not have any criminal convictions that would disqualify you from working with vulnerable adults.

Spare Bedroom Requirements

You must have a spare bedroom with a full-size bed, dresser, and closet that meets all safety standards set by the state of California. This room will be used for your foster, so it needs to meet all requirements for comfort, safety, and security—the same as you’d do for any guest staying in your home.

Background Checks

Foster parents are required to pass federal and state background checks for themselves and all adult members of their home who will interact with clients placed in their home. This requirement ensures the safety and security of the vulnerable adults you will care for.

Educational Level Requirements

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to qualify as an adult foster care provider. This ensures that all clients receive the best care and support possible.


You will need four references—one personal reference (a non-relative) and three professional references—who can attest to your character and ability to provide quality care for adults with developmental disabilities. These references should have known you personally for at least one year before submitting your application so they can speak confidently about your qualifications as a potential caregiver/foster candidate.

Availability Requirements

You must also be available for appointments related to the client, such as meetings with social workers, doctor visits, and more, so having reliable transportation is also essential for this role.

Medical Exam Requirement

Last, prospective caregivers must pass medical exams before being approved as providers by local authorities/agencies responsible for providing placement services within Fresno and nearby counties.

Becoming a foster care provider takes some work—it requires dedication and commitment to helping an adult with a developmental or intellectual disability. However, with the help of our professional staff at Family Options, anyone can successfully navigate each step! All you need is patience and an open mind about learning new things about yourself along this journey towards becoming the best possible version of yourself!

To learn more about adult foster care opportunities in Fresno, California, contact Family Options at 559-275-2323, or follow us on social media. We are dedicated to helping you find the support and resources you need to become a successful adult foster care provider. We look forward to hearing from you!