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Making A Difference: The Benefits Of In-Home Adult Foster Care

Foster care is more commonly associated with children and teenagers, but the concept also extends to adults. Just like everyone else, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities also need a safe place to live. Beyond that, they would like to lead as normal a life as possible, with their dignity and ability to make choices intact. Perhaps most importantly, they need those special relationships formed by having a family. Adult Foster Family Program (FHA) can provide most of these.

An adult foster care home is the most natural setting where an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability can live. These homes (in the truest sense of the word) are supervised by specially trained and licensed people who aid with activities of daily living for the residents and manage their appointments. Adult foster care homes accommodate a maximum of two consumers (although one is more usual) in a setting no different from the normal family scene. Each of these consumers is treated as a family member and can thrive in an environment filled with natural warmth and love.

Why Are Adult Foster Care Homes Necessary? 

According to recent reports, over 4.92 million individuals in the US live with an intellectual disability. Closer to home, The State of California serves over 295,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through 21 regional centers; this is in addition to other autonomous services, such as Family Options, dotting the Californian landscape. Yet, while a lot is being done, it’s also clear that there’s still a lot to be done.

This is where we hope you come in. If the idea of forging strong, long-lasting relationships with people and helping them lead as normal lives as possible holds considerable appeal for you, you should give serious thought to providing in-home adult foster care.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. You, as a provider, are opening your home to an individual with a disability and providing them with a home, something that they may not otherwise have. You’ll be making a difference in their lives and the lives of their families. You’ll be providing them with the stability of a home and family, and as much as possible, you’ll help them live a fuller, more productive life than they would have managed under other circumstances.

Please note that you would be an independent contractor with Family Options, not an employee. Among other things, you will assist your consumer with everyday tasks such as meals, medication, recreational activities, and money management. You will also be required to manage appointments with their doctors and act like their life coach.

There are certain requirements for holders of this role to meet, and you will be required to pass a few checks. Mostly, though, you need to be willing to commit to the growth and care of someone’s life. Check here for the list of qualities of an ideal home care provider and how to become one. Don’t worry; you won’t have to handle it all by yourself. We have a whole team of support staff who are always ready and willing to help with your questions or challenges.

What’s In It for You?

Being an adult care provider with Family Options comes with several unique perks. In addition to the satisfaction that comes with helping make life better for people and their families, you also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unique Challenges: Make no mistake, being an in-home caregiver is a challenging job. In addition to helping with their physical needs, you need to keep their space clean and help get around their challenges with mobility (for those who face such issues). You’ll be their mentor, life coach, and entertainer, all at once. You’ll be always kept on your toes, which is why this role is perfect if you need a bit more passion in your life.
  • Freedom: Perhaps you’ve always been keen on the idea of being a health worker, but the prospect of sitting behind a desk or hanging around all day in hospitals has been putting you off. Being an adult care provider, you live and work in your own home, where you can be most comfortable.
  • Solid Relationships: As you help people lead better quality lives, you’ll form close bonds with them and their families. These relationships can be satisfying, both for you as the caregiver and your consumer.
  • Fulfillment: By providing in-home adult foster care, you’re helping your consumer with the independence, dignity, and homely atmosphere that they would have found hard to come by in nursing homes. This knowledge in itself can be deeply emotionally rewarding.

Benefits of Adult Foster Care for Disabled People

  • Independence: Residents of adult foster care homes typically have more freedom and independence in their foster homes. Depending on the state of their health, they can go and come as they please, yet their safety is guaranteed.
  • Highly Personalized Care: Adult consumers in foster homes have unfettered access to personal, one-on-one interactions with foster family members who fulfill the roles of their helpers, friends, and mentors. Beyond that, they are exposed to a loving and caring community of people who genuinely want to see them flourish.
  • No Cost: Neither the adult consumer nor members of their families are required to pay for this service. That’s what makes it significantly more cost-effective than living in nursing homes or assisted living centers.
  • Homely Atmosphere: Adult foster care homes are homes exactly like it would be for an adopted child. They provide a safe, warm, friendly, and loving atmosphere where everyone can thrive, just like home. 
  • Assistance with ADLs: Residents of adult foster care homes are also assisted with activities of daily living, including others such as financial management, transportation, and medication management.
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