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Help Ring in 2023, Provide In-Home Care for Fresno County Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Over 7 million people in the U.S. had an intellectual or developmental disability in 2017. More than 350,000 of those adults live in California. Fresno County is one of the most populous counties in California, and it has a substantial population of adults with developmental disabilities.

Unfortunately, Fresno County and the rest of the state face a shortage of in-home living assistance for adults with developmental disabilities. This shortage means Fresno County cannot keep these individuals out of institutions, hospitals, and group homes.

What is a Developmental Disability?

A developmental disability is an impairment that significantly impacts an individual’s ability to learn and grow. Typical conditions include autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome. People with developmental disabilities often struggle with activities of daily living and need help to lead a safe, healthy life.

Why is Adult Foster Care Important in Fresno?

Fresno County faces a particular challenge in providing services to adults with developmental disabilities. Adult foster care can provide Fresno County residents with developmental disabilities an alternative to institutions, hospitals, and group homes. Worse, many consumers end up on the street or in prisons when they can’t find these services.

Adult foster care allows Fresno County to keep its residents out of these grim situations and provide them with the in-home living assistance they need. It also gives Fresno residents with developmental disabilities an alternative to expensive residential placements or long-term care facilities.

What Can I Do To Help?

The best way to help Fresno County adults with developmental disabilities get the help they need is to spread the word. Educate your friends and family about Fresno County’s shortage of in-home assistance. If you can, consider donating or volunteering with organizations that support Fresno adults with developmental disabilities. Every bit helps!

About Family Options

Family Options is a non-profit organization that helps Fresno County adults with developmental disabilities. We provide high-quality, compassionate in-home living assistance and ongoing support services to Fresno County residents with developmental disabilities. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can help Fresno County families find the right adult foster care solution for their loved ones with developmental disabilities.

Are you ready to make a difference in Fresno County? Contact Family Options today at 559-275-2323 or visit to learn more about how we can help Fresno County adults with developmental disabilities. Together, we can make Fresno County a better place for everyone living with disabilities!